About The Latin Mess

Every passion starts with a little bit of hunger, only in Ujwala's case, it was literally that. While she was living in Paris and bathing under all the culinary dishes of the famous city, she was awestruck by the food uniqueness of a land far away - Latin America. The Latin flavours were similar to Indian ones, yet so different. This prompted her hunger to travel to Latin America, for which she had to quit her job. Something she doesn't regret one bit. She studied the culinary art of Latin American cooking all over the subcontinent. Starting with Mexico, where she learnt extensively about Latin American street food and their use of chillies in their cuisine. She then headed to Columbia where she learns about their traditional Arepas, and how to make them from scratch. From here, she went to Argentina, where she learnt the traditional way of making empanadas from the family of a local chef. Her final stop was in Brazil, here is learnt how to make their traditional dessert, the Brigadeiros and all its different variations. And finally she has now come back to India, with a renewed hunger to give you all the exact same experience - but in the form of The Latin Mess.